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Gel da rasatura

Shaving Gel

Description: Shaving gel it is a non-foaming shaving gel suitable for normal skin; Its composition based on six natural herbs gives this gel an emollient and moisturizing power. Using shaving gel regularly makes the skin soft and protects it from redness and irritation, and also makes shaving safe and flawless. Also suitable for precision work such as cleaning the neck or sideburns, perfect for those who want a very precise shave in detail. This transparent gel ensures that the blades slide easily, providing a clean shave without irritation due to its soothing and antibacterial properties.

How to use: Using BeBarber Shaving gel is extremely simple: - moisten your face with warm water - apply a thin layer of transparent gel - apply shaving foam - proceed with shaving - rinse your face

Vol(ml): 150
Weight: 150

Ingredients: alcool denaturato, acqua, salvia, rosmarinus, aloe, cetraria, hedera, chamomilla.

16.00 €